Sunday, April 10, 2011

Secrets for getting More Marks in Any Exam


Here you will earn some simple concepts and techniques that can help you maximize your marks in any exam.

These are very simple techniques or ideas, just understand them yet, these simple tips can help you greatly.

1. Do not eat Just before an Exam:

You should not have food (heavy breakfast or lunch) for 3 hours before going to an exam.
This is because our digestive system is made in such a way, digestion of food requires energy. When you eat food blood supply and flow of oxygen quantity increases to stomach area. The total blood in the body is constant. So the blood supplied to the brain decreases. This is the reason you fell lazy or sleepy after eating food. This also means that your intelligences IQ or brain power decreases for a few hours (2 or 3 hours) after you eat.

2. Do not stay awake for a long time, the night before the exam:

Sleep is very important for you. It makes you fresh and gives energy.
If you are not fresh and energetic, you will not do your best in your exam. You will get fewer marks than you are capable of.

3. Make sure you have your hall ticket, pen etc.

You should always make a list of items that you need so that you don’t foretasting that is important for you.

4. Take practice tests at home:

Practice test are very important as you get a good practice and get used to it. You will learn valuable lessons about your ability and current knowledge for the exam.
Use old question papers for practice tests. You will be tremendously benefited from this extra effort.

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