Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to Score High Marks in CBSE Exam

Threre are some tips to Score High Marks 

Tips to get good marks
As we all know that education pattern is going difficult and more difficult simultaneously the competition. So students have to make some extra efforts to get higher marks. Students need to devote more time to their studies. Now what a student should do, what technique student should learn, how to get good marks in examination etc, these kinds of questions always come in the mind. There are some tips for students read these tips and know how to score high marks in your CBSE board examination.
1. Fist of all students has to make proper time table. Make a time table and apply it in your daily life. In your time table give some extra time to hard subjects.

2. Practice makes a man perfect son in case of mathematics, students have to practice frequently. Note down all the important formulas in paper and hand on it somewhere in your study room. Learn these regularly and also test in written on a paper.

3. Don’t read continuously instead take some breaks. I am not taking a long break like one or half hour, just go for 5 minute or maximum 8 minute break in your studies. It will keep your mind fresh and you will find interest in studying. Hence you will learn the question easily. 

4. If you are getting bore and feel sleepy leave that subject and switch to another one. It happens in a case when you are not able to solve a particular question or not able to learn questions in spite of frequent attempts. Such question makes a student sleep or bore. Discuss the same question with your friends in class or coaching center, try to find out the solution with the help of your teacher or friend. 

5. Written practice is must, if you are just learning something and not doing practice in written. You may forget it or make mistake. So written practice will help you to find your mistake and you will not repeat it again.

6. Leaning in the morning time is good. So learn your questions in the morning time.

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