Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kalam advisor's death sparks false rumours

Kalam advisor's death sparks false rumours

New Delhi: "Kalam" was one of the top Twitter trends Tuesday
afternoon, all because of a false rumour circulating about former
President APJ Abdul Kalam's death. "Abdul kalam" and "abdul kalam
latest news" were also the top two most searched for keywords on
Google India.

In fact, Dr Hafiz Saleh Muhammad Alladin, a renowned astronomer and
educational advisor to the former President, passed away on Monday
following a brief illness. Some people confused the news for APJ Abdul
Kalam's death and Twitter was flooded with tweets about his death and
also those rebuffing the news.

A tweet from author Shobha De, paying homage to Kalam, further fanned
fire. De later deleted the tweet and posted an apology for the gaffe.
Apparently the story about Kalam's death started as an SMS and then
made its way to Twitter and other social networking services.

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