Tuesday, March 22, 2011

If he cheated on me once will he do it again?

If he cheated on me once he will do it again?

Infidelity is one of the main reasons for which couples get to divorce. Are there any couples that survive the love affairs of one of the partners? Are they strong enough to get over the pain caused by finding out that the person you thought would never betray you has proved to be the worst mistake of your life?

Some claim they have cheated on their partner to feel alive and because they were the only one who took decisions in the house. Whenever you are having an affair it means that something goes wrong in the relationship.

Once the rest of the persons around you find out that your husband cheated on you they will all advise you not to trust him anymore because he will repeat what he has done whenever he has the chance.

Psychologists claim that men are much more vulnerable and they can't resist the temptation of having a younger lover because they feel more "men" when they do so, especially when their wives always reproach them they are not good enough, that they regret having got married to them.

If you discover that your husband is cheating on you what do you do? Do you ask him the divorce or do you give him a second chance? There are all kinds of men, every of them with another perspective on life and with other things to think at. Some of them regret what they have done and won't repeat the experience because they really care about their wife and their marriage. Others wait a while and do the same thing, this time being more careful so that the wife doesn't find out the truth because now he will get the divorce papers on his desk.

Many experts have drawn the conclusion that a woman should not the end their marriages only due to an extramarital affair which will end one way or another.

Everybody deserves a second chance so you could do that for your husband too. If he disappoints you again you know where the door is and he surely knows the way out. 
If he cheated on me once will he do it again? written by Herminne Tonita

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