Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Drinking & Driving

Drinking and Driving

In the majority of cases, drivers are taken their driving license
because of the consumption of alcohol while driving. I have always
promised myself that I will never drive if I have consumed alcohol
previously, no matter the quantity.

Still, half a year ago I made this terrible mistake to drive after
having drunk two beers in the house of a friend, while watching a
football match. I then took my car to take another friend to this
place, which wasn't quite far away. I thought that it was no problem
to take him home, because it was at night and I believed that there
would be no policeman on my way. But, to my surprise, police stopped
me when I least expected that to happen. I was left without my driving
license for three months and I also had to pay a fine. I told my
parents nothing at the beginning, but then I had to invent a lie,
because I did not have the courage to tell them that I had drunk
alcohol and that was the real reason for which I was left without my
driving license.

Those three months seemed to pass very slowly for me, because I was
used to drive almost daily and I really needed my car quite often. I
had to use the taxi and I didn't like it as I spent lots of money.
Then, there were times when I asked a friend to take me to some place
or another, especially out of town. It was, indeed, a punishment for
me not to have my driving license and I promised myself not to repeat
this mistake again.

Apart from this, being drunk while driving represents a real danger
not only for the driver, but also for the persons who may be in the
car and for the persons on the street or in other cars, too. Car
accidents caused by alcoholism are very frequently nowadays, because
many drivers make this mistake. Teenagers especially use alcohol while
going out with friends and then return home driving their cars. They
are very irresponsible as they put their lives and health in danger
and, therefore, I advise people to avoid drinking alcohol when
Drinking and Driving written by Cristina Nuta

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