Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Car and Road safety

Unnecessary and avoidable accidents

The amount of road deaths in the world is at a ridiculously high
level. It strikes as completely unnecessary and totally avoidable. A
recent report claimed that over 350 people a day are killed because of
road traffic related issues - and that is in Europe alone. This has a
profound effect upon every single person, being exposed to potential,
injury or death every time you go out on the road.

Every single driver or road user, including pedestrians and cyclists
have to make the effort to obey and adhere to the road rules, common
courtesy to fellow road users and allowing common sense to prevail
when using any road. Even as a non-road user it is ones duty to
educate those around you as to the potentials of crossing a road or
being aware of the road users.

The speed at which one chooses to travel is also a high contributor of
road fatalities, it has been recorded by an international organization
that the mere reduction of speed by 3km per hour would save over 5000
lives and prevent over 120,000 crashes per year, once again just in
Europe alone. These are just figures that could have been avoided and
doesn't include the cost factors pertaining to collisions, medical
expenses and rehabilitation of injuries.

There are some basic rules that each and everyone can implement
immediately to curtail this unnecessary road carnage, and these
include; Correct utilization of vehicle's lights and turning signals,
monitoring and consistency of speed, safe following distances, obeying
the rules of the road, consideration of fellow road users, self
improvement by learning better driving techniques, educating your
children or friends on appropriate and considerate road use and motor
vehicle roadworthiness.

The above represent just a few ideas of where one can contribute to
safer roads, and thereby ensuring the safety of all. If each and every
one of us at least attempts to integrate some of these ideas and
practices, surely we can make a difference, in not only our lives, but
also all those innocent road users too.

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