Monday, May 23, 2011

Rajinikanth Health Status : He is out of ICU, moved into private ward

CHENNAI: Actor Rajinikanth, who was being treated at the intensive care unit (ICU) of Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre (SRMC), was shifted back to his private ward on Sunday.

Doctors at the hospital said he responded well to treatment. "We moved him into the ward only after making sure he was completely fit. Hope we can discharge him soon," said a senior doctor.

The 61-year-old cine idol was admitted to the hospital on Saturday after he complained of breathlessness. He was diagnosed and treated for recurrent respiratory illness and gastro intestinal disorders at a private ward, a suite on the seventh floor of the hospital. On May 18, he was shifted to the intensive care unit, where he underwent dialysis. Doctors diagnosed that he had too much fluid in his blood. They put him through haemodialysis, and also removed fluid surrounding his chest that was pressing against the lungs and causing difficulty in breathing. He was given oxygen at regular intervals, pumped with antibiotics and transfused blood.

On May 19, senior cardiologist Dr S Thanikachalam, who was heading a team of specialists treating Rajini, said he responded well to treatment. Since then Rajinikanth was on normal diet. But doctors restricted visitors to the intensive care unit as anxious fans continued to crowd the hospital. The fans were constantly assured that the actor was responding well to treatment.

On May 21, a picture of Rajinikanth, dressed in blue hospital attire with his daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth in the ICU, did the rounds on all micro blogging websites. His son-in-law Dhanush kept fans updated on Rajinikanth's health condition. The first news about Rajini being shifted to the ward came from Dhanush on Sunday. A release from the hospital said he was cheerful and was spending time with all the family members, watching IPL matches. It also said his vital parameters were stable.

He was admitted to the St Isabel's hospital in Mylapore on April 29 and was discharged the same day. Doctors said he was dehydrated and exhausted. On May 4, he was back in the same hospital. Doctors treated him for allergic bronchitis and diarrhoea.

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