Sunday, May 8, 2011

Home theater sound calculator, sound and noise level measurement

Speaker Sensitivity: dB SPL (1 W/1 M)
Amplifier Power: Watts
Distance: feet
No. of Speakers: usually 2, more for multi-channel
Speaker Placement (Choose 1): Away from walls (or do not consider placement)
 Near a wall (within 2 to 4 feet)
 In a corner (within 18 to 24 inches)
dB Gain from amplifier
dB Loss due to dispersion (distance)
dB Gain from sonic reinforcement (multi speakers)
db Gain from placement (reinforcement from reflected sound)
dB SPL at listening postion

DescriptionSound LevelExampleSound Intensity
barely audible0 dBThreshold of hearing0.000000000001 W/m2
10 dBRustling leaf0.00000000001 W/m2
very quiet20 dBQuiet room0.0000000001 W/m2
30 dBSoft whisper0.000000001 W/m2
quiet40 dBQuiet library0.00000001 W/m2
50 dBAverage home0.0000001 W/m2
moderately loud60 dBOrdinary conversation, Light traffic0.000001 W/m2
70 dBVacuum cleaner, Heavy traffic0.00001 W/m2
very loud80 dBGarbage disposal0.0001 W/m2
90 dBDiesel truck (10 m away)0.001 W/m2
uncomfortably loud100 dBNewspaper press0.01 W/m2
110 dBJet flyover at 300 m0.1 W/m2
pjavascript:void(0)ainful120 dBThreshold of pain, Thunderclap1 W/m2

Exposure TimeExposure Level (measured in dB SPL)
8 Hours90 dB SPL
6 Hours92 dB SPL
4 Hours95 dB SPL
3 Hours97 dB SPL
2 Hours100 dB SPL
1.5 Hours102 dB SPL
1 Hours105 dB SPL
.5 Hours110 dB SPL
<.25 Hours115 dB SPL

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