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Home Theater for Stadium, Play Ground seats

America's leading stadium seating innovator!  Arena seating, which can fit on bleachers or risers, is now available with the newest stadium seat technology.   If you need theater seating, auditorium, bleachers, church, home theater seating, stadium, classroom seating and bleacher chairs, we have the chairs you want at an affordable price.
Alessandria Chair Theater Seating

Theater Seating 

that says enjoy the show!

Let our craftsmanship, ingenuity and design award winning theater seating grace your exciting world class venues. Whether you need comfortable and stylish seating in movie theater seating or performing arts theater seating, we have the cinema seating styles you need at a price you can afford.  Institutional seating and furniture for a movie theater, school or cinema needs to be sturdy and easy to maintain. Ourtheater seating is constructed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.
Lumiere Auditorium Seats

Auditorium Seating

Our many styles of auditorium chairs will accommodate architectural design from modern to any historical period. We offer cinema, movie, theatre chairs and church seating with varying seat widths, shape, and color. Our theater seats have ergonomic design for comfort and state of the art styling, strength and durability which out performs other theater seating.
Legacy Theater Seating

Church Seating

Our many styles of church auditorium seating will conform to your worship seating needs. Church furnishings should add elegance, be comfortable, quiet, and as dignified as the church setting itself. Our church seats and theater chairs include traditional pews, contemporary modular chairs, and even more modern auditorium seats.

Stadium Chairs

Bleacher Seating

The physical discomfort of bleacher seats are now a thing of the past with our breakthrough stadium seat designs. Our engineers have developed stadium chairs to retrofit over existing bleacher seats that will keep people in your seats longer. Our Stadium Seat lines offer a variety of options that makes retrofitting uncomfortable bleacher seating easy, affordable, and very comfortable. Our stadium chairs are strong, light, and easy to maintain since they don't crack, or rust, or easily fade. Imagine it: turning a field of bleachers into relaxing arena chairs that look and feel good. Businesses that rely on high attendance use economicalbleacher seating to increase their profits.  Stadium chairs can be used to increase participation of the fans.  Uniform configuration of stadium bleachers can be used to excite sports teams during games.   More on bleachers installation.

Lecturer Room Educational Seating

Let our craftsmanship, ingenuity, skill and training design award winning lecture room and conference room seating for your exciting new educational venues. Please visit the lecture room page to view our many educational seating choices or call tollfree 866-922-022

Performance Art Seating
Theatre seating is an integral part of the appearance of a performing arts center. Options such as natural wood on the back and decorative end standards add elegance and beauty to a theatre seat.  Our many theatre seating styles will accommodate any architectural design from modern to any historical period.

Home Theater Seating
A home theatre without comfortable and stylish home theater seating is not practical. Cozy theater seats are necessary for watching a movie. You can have a high definition screen and lifelike surround sound, but if you can't sit comfortably you cannot enjoy the movie without purchasing movie home theater seating.

Movie Chairs for the Home Theatre    50 seat minimum

Watching a movie can be enhanced by the comfort of our movie theatre seatingfor your home. Our theater cinema seating will embrace your movie viewer in comfort while at the same time being practical. Theater Cinema chairs are designed with movie viewing in mind, making them appropriate for the home theater market

Refurbished Theater Seating

Preferred Seating brings back to life historic elegant auditorium seating. Our renovated refurbished theatre seating capabilities guarantee that the seat is brought back to its original state. Depend on our expertise for theater chairs that need refurbishing, seat repairs, re-manufactured, restored theater seats, refurbished theater seats, restored theater seating. Theater seating renovation includes reupholstered seats, staining wood and powder coating metal.

School Seating

We supply educational furniture and chairs to schools and colleges. This includes indoor seating such as lecture theatre seating, performing arts center seating, audience chairs, and outdoor seating such as bleachers, amphitheater chairs, stadium arena and bleacher seating.

Stadium Seats and Chairs

.For the first time, arena seating features the latest in the seating industry: automobile grade no break polypropylene. Stadium chairs have been uncomfortable sitting for years.   Bleacher seats no longer have to be uncomfortable and unsightly, thanks to the innovative designers at Preferred Seating. The Tuf bleacher seat is now as comfortable as it is practical
What makes our stadium seats so unique to the industry is the many seat designs that can be retrofitted onto venues of concrete and aluminum bleachers. Since we make our arena chairs here in the United States, we have complete control over our seating.

Used Theater Seating

Used theater seating is an alternative to purchasing quality seating at a budget cost. Used theater movie chairs from overstocked cinemas are available. To purchase cinema chairs, you the buyer, have the dollar value due to movie cinemas shutting down all around the U.S. Used theater chairs make it possible to furnish a movie house, cinema, church, theater or school on a small budget. Many people prefer to recycle used theatre seating for financial or artistic reasons. More on used theater seating.

Seating and Chairs
A world of seating and chairs. Click to see overview of the many styles of seating and chairs that Preferred Seating offers.

Theater Seats

We offer options such as natural wood on the back and decorative end standards to add elegance and beauty to theater seating at an educational institution, school or performing arts center. We offer theater seats for sell, churches, auditoriums, and home theater. More on theater seating installation. Share

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