Friday, April 15, 2011

Who will form government in Tamil Nadu 2011?



1.Kalaignar Kaapiddu Thittam ( Insurance)
2.Free home to Homeless                                          

3.Free TV                                                                

4.Free Gas Cylinder                                                 

5.Loan to Women self help groups

6. Free Cycle to students

7.Supportive parties INC, PMK,VC

8.MDMK is out from ADMK

9. Govt Staff selection on seniority based and salary increament



1. Price hike of basic commodities

2. Electricity power frequent failure

3. 2G Spectrum                                

4. Woman leadership

5. Laptop to all students 

6. Leader is strong decision maker 

7. Free gold (mangalyam) to newly married couple

Now you can calculate and get the result  who will win in the election. The red mark points are very dangerous which will reflect in the election result strongly.

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