Friday, April 8, 2011

So, where is Poonam Pandey?

India has won the World Cup. And as I write this the I can hear crackers bursting. People are out on the streets cheering away. It is a win every Indian will celebrate - for days to come.
That brings us to Poonam Pandey. For those who came in late. Poonam Pandey is a twenty something model who announced that she would bare all to support Team India if they win the world cup. See her photos here.
She has been a trending topic on Twitter ever since she made the announcement to bare all if Team India wins the world cup. This statement catapulted her to the limelight. Instant celebrity status followed. People - young and old, male and female - were looking for her after India trounced Pakistan at Mohali. The pretty lass was nowhere to be seen. It was later discovered that she was the star attraction at a bash in Mumbai.
As expected, her statement drew a lot of ire - including a court case filed against her. Did it deter Poonam? No sir, not at all. She reiterated that she will strip - come what may. Threats or no threats.
PETA, we hear has told Poonam to strip for the cause of animals. Would she be their mascot? I wonder.
The latest I heard, Poonam has sent a mail to the BCCI asking for permission to go ahead with her plans. And she cites books on psychology that stripping is therapeutic. But this was before Dhoni's Dashers lifted the cup.
Poonam's phone, according to a leading news paper, is unreachable. The last tweet on her (?) profile reads - and the MAGIC WORKED!!!! :) Thanx lot guys for such Lovely Replys
So, where is she now? And as many netizens are asking - will she do what she promised to do? May be we will get to know soon!

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