Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A lesson in love : Vidya Balan

I've learnt my share of lessons on love the hard way, like everyone else. But in retrospect, we rarely absorb anything from what we learn. This usually results in walking into a pole with the knowledge of being hit face first. And while we believe that stars lead a far more superficial life than us, there are times when they surprise us with a generous display of human feelings.
So, when I met Vidya Balan, she mentioned an incident that taught her a lesson that she remembers for life. The lesson was if you loves someone and feel for that person, don't hold back in expressing your true feelings.
The incident dates back to Vidya's childhood. There used to be an old watchman who was a favourite among all the kids in Vidya's colony. They dotingly called him Abi. Apart from playing with the kids, he would often treat them to fruits and considered the kids to be his own. Then there was a time when Abi was diagnosed with a disease and was rarely seen about. While some of Vidya's friends went to visit him to wish him a steady recovery, Vidya, for some reason, didn't.
Later, Abi died and it was established that he was suffering from a terminal disease. This shattered Vidya completely. She didn't know what to do or how to express herself in this unforeseen situation.
While shutting herself at home, she tried to rationalize what had happened. On self-reflection, she discovered that she should've gone to see Abi when he was ailing and expressed her love and respect for him. But since she held back, it was too late.
Vidya's lesson has something for all of us. So, if you're waiting to tell a loved one exactly how you feel about them, pick up the phone and do it now! Life rarely offers a second chance.

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