Friday, April 15, 2011

How To Satisfy A Women In Bed

How to satisfy a woman in bed - To satisfy her in bed is nothing less than a skill that every man should have. Then what are you waiting for? Come, we will tell you some tips on how to make your woman crave for more!

Show your love for her- Your gestures, way of touching her, your soft whispers will make her confident that you really want her. Love is something that makes every woman highly emotional during love-makingthereby making her ready to cross all limits with you.

Be initiative- Be ready to initiate conversation on a random topic. Be real in it to make her feel secure to share her own opinions openly. And when you feel things are going smooth and favorable, then its the right time to start with the real conversation you waited for.

Do not be hasty to get physical with your woman- Let her get comfortable with you first. Lest be ready to lose her! Keep her wait or crave to get close to you. Learn to rule over your woman and make a move when she is getting dying to feel your touch.

Strike when the iron is hot- The moment you feel things going in your favor, make the real move. When you are enough confident of what you are doing, your woman will find it hard to refuse you to move further. Be real and confident. Do not forget to make her feel comfortable in your arms. As she will feel suffocated and repelled if you force yourself upon her. Women are highly sensitive and emotional, and do not dare to forget that!

Know her body, her sensitive points (for that erotic experience)- Knowing the most sensitive parts of your woman is highly essential and how to drive her totally mad at your each and every touch. And these really sensitive parts are:

Behind her ears- Just blow behind her ears to make the experience more sensuous. Such a single move of yours can create a strong physical arousal in her.

Her beautiful neck- If you tickle very slightly or give a soft sensuous kiss behind the neck can arouse her within seconds and get her ready for almost anything you want.

Kissing her anywhere- The most liked and the most effective way to arouse a woman. A passionate kiss at the right moment can beat nothing in the foreplay to love-making.
I bet, if you follow the above ways to sexually arouse your womanand make her mad, then she is bound to get satisfied! No doubts!

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