Friday, April 22, 2011

How to avoid acidity problem

Acidity can be completely cured with lifestyle changes. The burning sensation in the stomach, near to the heart is a killer, no doubt. But, it can be avoided.

If you could only sprinkle lesser seasonings on your pizza day out,
add more fruits and nuts as snacks than white bread sandwiches;
things can be lot better.

Acidity occurs due to over secretion of gastric juices. In absence of food, these corrode the gastric wall and hence cause a burning sensation. Untreated or uncared acidity often leads to peptic ulcers. It therefore becomes extremely important to take care of your acidity.

One rule which one must never break is to eat meals on time. Your body has a biological clock according to which it feels hungry and secretes juices for digestion. So, feeding the body timely would save you from otherwise after effects such as stomach pain and vomiting.

Drink plenty of water. Water acts as a universal neutralizer. Drinking coconut water three times a day is also helpful. You may also drink it empty stomach in the morning. Banana is a soothing fruit.

Eating a banana everyday not just gives you good potassium sources but also maintains good acid levels in body. Likewise, apples do the same thing. Watermelon, due to their high content of ions and water also reduce acidity.

A traditional home remedy for acidity is eating a small piece of Gur (jiggery) after every meal. It helps in digestion of food. Drinking Green tea with afternoon and evening meals decreases the problem of acidity.

It is said that if raw garlic cloves are swallowed with water in morning, empty stomach, it would completely cure all problems of acidity.

People with Peptic ulcer diseases must take their medication on time to avoid heartburn due to acidity. Those who have habit of smoking and drinking alcohol must quit and avoid worsening of the condition.

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