Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Eye-opener: Who is responsible for Josh Hamilton missing two months?

American League MVP Josh Hamilton will not play baseball again until June.
The only thing now to decide is who to blame?
Hamilton broke a bone in his right shoulder when he dove into home plate last night after third base coach Dave Andersonsent him when no one covered the plate on a pop-up.
Daily Pitch: Hamilton out at home and out for two months
Video: Hamilton tagged out and injured
Hamilton, who was easily tagged out, knows where he is placing responsibility.
"It was just a stupid play,'' Hamilton said and added "I listened to my third-base coach. That's a little too aggressive. The whole time I was watching the play I was listening. (He said),'Nobody's at home, nobody's at home.' I was like, 'Dude, I don't want to do this. Something's going to happen.' "
Countered Anderson: "I always want him to slide feet first no matter what he does. You play this game long enough and I've gone through it too sliding headfirst and have had some injuries. Sometimes you can't help it. Your instinct just tells you to dive and try to get there. But most of the time you try to go feet first if you can to try to stay away from injuries."
The Rangers have two months to work this out but we ask you today, who is to blame in all of this?
While we wait for more x-rays, here is some good work by some good people that we might have missed while sleeping or trying not to laugh over the NFL releasing a preseason schedule.
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Here are some winners and losers in the WNBA Draft.
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