Friday, March 25, 2011

how to download bea weblogic 8.1 web server?

how to download bea weblogic 8.1 web server?

Free Software or Freeware :

Free software represents a specific program or application that can be
used, studied, and modified without any restriction, and which can be
copied and redistributed in modified or unmodified form either without
restriction, or with restrictions only to ensure that further
recipients can also do these things.

There are also some misunderstandings that usually occur like a free
software that you don't need to pay for using it but being forbidden
to distribute it or improve it in any way. This type of software
applications is usually used by different producers in marketing
campaigns to promote themselves or a specific product and there is no
guarantee that it will stay free.

Absolutely free software is generally placed in the Public Domain and ca
n be used in commercial programs.

Freeware generally refers to software that is copyrighted, but for
which the author solicits no payment, even if the user continues to
use it.

Donationware :

The software under this type of license are basically free to use, but
the difference between them and those under the Freeware license is
the fact theirs publishers accept donations.

Trial Version :

Trial Version is in fact an evaluation period often used to
characterize and appraise the value of a specific software

Unlike the Full Version, the Trial Version may have also some
limitations or unfunctionabilities which could be different from
software to software, like :

- time limit (the program could be used for a limited period of time -
displayed in a small window when launching the program, with or
without all its functions available)

- No Save function - many of the Trial Versions have restricted this
function or limited it to determine the user to buy the Full Version
and use the Trial just for testing.

A Trial Version application could be Unlocked easily after the
purchasing process is done and after receiving the Serial Number, Key
or registry file for transforming it to the Full Version.

The Trial Version could be also considered a marketing method chosen
by the software publishers around the world.

Shareware :

Shareware, also known as "try before you buy" is pretty similar to the
Trial Version and it refers to commercial and copyrighted software
applications which could be distributed with the understanding that
users MUST pay for it if they continue to use it.

Of course the shareware version of an application could have function
limitations even if it's a "Try before you buy".

Demo :

A demo application is a limited type of program and its purposes are
to demonstrate what the Full Version is capable of doing. A small
amount of what the full version is capable of doing is a general
characteristic of the Demo applications too.

The Demo Version is a popular marketing feature mostly used by the
Gaming Companies.

Copyrights are a method of protecting the rights of the creator of
certain types of works. In most countries, software you write is
automatically copyrighted. A license is the authors way of allowing
use of their creation (software in this case), by others, in ways that
are acceptable to them. It is up to the author to include a license
which declares in what ways the software may be used. For a proper
discussion of copyright see

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